• Christmas drive for the needy:


    Hello Brothers and Sisters,

    Thank you for visiting this Site today. It is no mistake that you are here at this very moment for in life there are no mistakes, only experiences.

    At this time I am asking for your assistance on behalf all the Unfortunate

    Children out there that may not experience even a Christmas Tree let alone presents. The things we take for granted are the very things some of us strugad all they find is emptiness. Now, picture the look on a child's face when he or she awakens to not only a tree, but one with many gifts under it. This can and will be possible with Your Love Gift of either $1.,$5.,$10.,$20. or whatever you feel inspired to give.

    Make Someone Happy!!!  Donate Now!

    May The Creators of The Universe Bless You for All Your Days!
    We Are Now Accepting Gift Cards & New Toys For Children Between Ages 3-12                     
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