cabins & land for the homeless drive:


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I know what it's like to be homeless. I know what it's like to be humiliated, treated like skum; what it's like to sleep outside with no protection from the elements; to sleep on someone's sofa, chair, or floor. I know what it's like to not know where your next meal is coming from or if you'll even eat at all that day or any other day. I know what it's like staying in homeless shelters and being forced to abide by unfounded rules; to be under someone's power who knew nothing about struggling to survive.

I look around me and say to myself, "This is The United States of America. Why, in this so-called land of opportunity, is anyone homeless, jobless, penniless,living in poverty, hungry, and/or ill? Although I can come up with possibly 100 reasons why, I still would need answers. So instead, I prefer solutions!

It took me several years to come up with this and other potential solutions.This solution may even sound far-fetched to some, but anything is worth trying than to not try at all. Agree?

Here are some of my proposals:

 For Single Homeless Individuals: Together we can raise enough money to purchase land  with one 1 story house to create a Mess Hall, laundry room, multi-purpose room and a place to take showers as well as rest rooms. Volunteers can prepare, cook and serve meals in the Mess Hall. On the land we can build Brick Cabins to house the homeless individuals, men on one side and women on the other. We can supply for each cabin , a cot or two, according to size, add one dresser in each and a wardrobe or closet. Each cabin will have at least one window and consist of one room; a bedside table with a battery operated lamp. Kerosene heaters in Winter. There can be a picnic area with barbeque pits for those who wish to cook for themselves. Tenants staying in these cabins will pay up to $25./month, according to their income and ability to pay. 

There will be 150 one room cabins for single men, 200 one room cabins for single ladies, 50 two room cabins for couples and 200 two room cabins for single parent families & couples with children. Rents may vary. For families cabins will be supplied with one set of bunk beds, a crib & full size bed for two parent households.

More details will be revealed at my upcoming meeting . To be announced soon! 



Tenants can at least live a semi-normal life where it will enable them to choose to seek employment, apply for public assistance, apply for public housing, go back to school, etc. Under these conditions ,they will at least have an address to receive mail, somewhere to sleep, eat, wash, and make phone calls.

I even thought of a 'Self Storage Building' on the property where tenants would only be charged about $5. -$10. per month and a mail room where they could rent a mail box for about $2. per month.

As time goes on and funding becomes available, I'd add a Basketball Court, Tennis Court, A Thrift Store to create jobs and a small Cafe/ Used Book Store. Maybe even a Library. In the Multi-Purpose Room, A TV with DVD Player, Chess Table, Card Table, and a Ping Pong or Pool Table.

Homeless Tenants may stay in Cabins up to 2 years and those waiting for Public Housing, up to 5 years.

Anyone with a Drug or Alcohol problem must go into Re-Hab for six months, for a full recovery, to qualify for a Cabin. No exceptions.

Thank you for taking out the time from your busy day to read my Proposal. I'd like for you to, at this time, please make a donation to help my Cause. Blessed Be!

                                                                           Sincerely Yours,                                                                                                     REV. Stephanie Banks