• Ask Yourself,

    Have you ever wanted to create a lifestyle for yourself and others where there is Peace, Harmony, and unconditional Love? Grow your own food, free of pesticides and other poisonous chemicals, in a communal setting with people you can truly trust and call them your extended family? Do you know God or would you ifferent from most people, like you have a special purpose or mission? Have you always desired to help the less fortunate in some way even if you're not doing so great yourself? Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan or would like to become one? Have compassion for children, the elderly, and/or animals and nature?

    If you're anything like the above descriptions then you've come to the right place.
    I am an Ordained Minister (Spiritual Counselor), who hopes to attract others of like minds to form such a community for my new ministry.
    I seek mature individuals who are ready to live life to the fullest; work side by side in a labor of love, helping others physically,emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Together we will serve all of humanity in an act of love.
    People who agree on such matters as protecting the innocent, caring for the elderly, embracing the desolate and lonely, feeding and clothing the hungry and homeless, praying for all of humanity, taking care of the abused, showing concern for those in need of comfort, and bringing joy to all.
    Those who will open their hearts to animals and people alike. Care for, nurture, and help heal our planet Earth, our eternal Mother. Give guidance, instruction and counseling to people in need of it.
       With that said,
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